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20 Total-Body Workouts, in Five Moves (or Less)

You know those workouts that seemingly combine every kind of exercise and piece of equipment in the gym? You won’t find any of those here. That’s because you don’t need a bunch of tools, time, or moves to target every muscle and burn serious calories. We asked some of the country’s top trainers to design total-body routines that hit these requirements: fewer than two pieces of equipment, under 40 minutes, and no more than five exercises. What we got are the workouts that we want to do: They’re all fun, fast, and effective. The post 20 Total-Body Workouts, in Five Moves (or Less) appeared first on Men's Journal.

5 Combat Rope Moves to Torch Your Metabolism

Hitting the treadmill for yet another steady-state run may be a tried-and-true way to burn a few calories, but it’s about as much fun as watching paint dry. If your workout is due for an overhaul, you may want to look for the coils of rope sitting in a corner of your gym. These combat ropes, or battle ropes, may seem inconsequential, but they’re actually a metabolism-boosting super tool in disguise. Swinging these long, heavy ropes doesn’t just work your arms, it works everything, taxing your legs, core, and upper body, all while sending your heart rate soaring. The post 5 Combat Rope Moves to Torch Your Metabolism appeared first on Men's Journal.

20-Minute Barbell Workouts That Don’t Suck

One of the reasons it’s so temping to skip the gym: too many options. Machines, ropes, med balls, and dumbbells—an overwhelming number of choices, and the easiest decision is to pick nothing at all. The simple secret to a long-term lean and muscular body is fitness minimalism, and namely, a greater focus on total-body moves that train more muscles. One of the best ways to do it is with a barbell. The post 20-Minute Barbell Workouts That Don't Suck appeared first on Men's Journal.

How to Work Out When You Don’t Feel Like It

When your vacation days are spent, daylight is at a premium, and the weather’s anything but uplifting, you need an extra bit of workout motivation to get you through the colder, darker months. The post How to Work Out When You Don't Feel Like It appeared first on Men's Journal.

How Scott Eastwood Stayed Shredded for ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

With movie star good-looks and roles in two larger-than-life franchises, Scott Eastwood is not exactly a person you’d ever pity; adding insult to injury, he’s in better shape than ever—and does it without a complaint. From a cop to a bull rider (and back to a cop), Eastwood has often played the roles of law enforcement officers and lieutenants, requiring a strong, sturdy physicality to match (and one hell of a workout plan). The post How Scott Eastwood Stayed Shredded for ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ appeared first on Men's Journal.

11 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

Any dad knows that feeding kids can be a huge headache. Whether you’re squeezing in supper before soccer practice, packing lunches before sunup, or just coaxing a picky eater to put something in her mouth, it’s often much easier to give kids quick, convenient (and, yes, unhealthy foods) rather than nutritious meals. It doesn’t help that chicken fingers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and root beer are the stuff youngsters usually love. You’ll never completely ace your kids’ diets, nor do you want to deprive them of occasional treats. But there are some foods and drinks you really shouldn’t give children more than once in a great while—and a handful that should be off the table entirely. Some..